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Dominant woman in black latex and pearl necklace squatting in frront of swing on black carpet

      I'm a playful, charming, and sweetly sadistic Domme; the type of woman who will hurt or humiliate you with a smile on my face and laugh about it afterwards. My intrinsic beauty and commanding presence are enough to bring even the strongest of individuals to their knees. With an open mind and a taste for hedonistic depravity, I've found my calling in being a professional Dominatrix. My journey started back in 2018 as I began working in a house where I was under the training of several highly skilled and respected Mistresses. I was committed to learning the craft and how to practice it in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. I spent many hours doing my own research by diving into the history of bdsm, psychology, safety protocol, techniques, as well as hands on experience. After a year and a half of working in various collectives, I decided to go independent and have been working for myself ever since. I'm dominant by nature and love the rush I get from wielding my power and exploring the minds of those who submit to me.  The appreciation I have for this profession runs deep and it shows in my genuine passion for what I do.

      I'm well established in the bdsm scene and highly sought after. For this reason I prioritize submissives who are obedient, respectful, generous, and eager to please me. Submitting to a superior woman will bring joy into your life and a desire to bow down and worship me like a Goddess. I see individuals of all races, religions, genders, and sexualities. The only people I won't see are those who are boundary pushers, rude, or unwilling to screen. I expect excellence from the clients I see, especially those who wish to satisfy me and serve long term.

       After playing around with many different kinks/fetishes out over the years, I've come to realize what brings me the most gratification. As a sadist, I absolutely adore impact play, ball busting, and brutal bullying. I also find delight in the less physically intense side of things like feminization, sensual domination, bondage, and foot worship. Though to me, I find the best sessions are a perfect combination of pain and pleasure that leave you shaking with fear and excitement afterwards.  With that being said, I'm always open to explore new things so if there's an interest of mine you don't see listed below, feel free to inquire in my booking form. Please note that I do not do FT, switching, race play, or heavy medical. I'm at my happiest when given enough time to create a scene that is truly unforgettable and leaves a lingering feeling of euphoria for all parties involved. For this reason, I prefer longer sessions that allow me to accomplish the vision I have in mind for us. As a professional, I fine tune the intensity of every session to suit the needs and boundaries of each individual. I hold safety and consent above all else and I expect the same from you.  

Dominatrix laying on red table wearing black lingerie, black stockings, and black heels


Impact Play/Corporal Punishment -

Bring a sadistic smile to my face by offering up your body as a canvas to my torture. Whether it's a cane, whip, paddle, flogger, or even a hair brush, I'll leave you painted in lovely bruises and marks

Cock and Ball Torture 

To say I love CBT would be an understatement, I'm absolutely head over heels for it


Let me turn you into my puppet as I string you up, strap you down, or spread you open. Give into your sense of helplessness, you won't be going anywhere, not that you'd want to

Beat Down

Become a human boxing bag for me as I beat you down. No competitive wrestling though, I like to win

Sensory Deprivation

As you take away the senses, pain and pleasure become so much more intense

Public Play

Like the feeling of eyes on you? Lets make a scene


You're just a toy for me to play and do as I please with

Tease & Denial 

I'll taunt you and have you begging for release 

Feminization/Sissy Training 

Bring out your feminine side with the help of an absolute goddess

Foot/Leg Fetish

Worship the feet and legs of your seductress, heels, stockings, and all


Let me shock you with more than just my beauty

Financial Domination

Let me put your wallet on a leash and take it for a walk. There's nothing like the rush of being completely drained


It feels so good to be broken down and put you in your place doesn't it?


 I love holding the keys to someones orgasm. Available for short and long term arrangements

Pet Play 

Come join my stable of loyal pets


Watch as I receive pleasure you'd never be able to give me 


Body Worship

 Show your admiration for my beautiful body whether it's draped in lingerie, latex, or nothing at all


I'm an expert at playfully destroying you from the inside out

Role Play 

It's always so much fun to switch up dynamics or characters. Will I play your daddy or will I play school girl today?

Sensual Domination

I might be a sadist but it doesn't mean I can't play nice 

Human Furniture

I can always use a sturdy table or chair, plus you look so much better on the floor


 A good mother knows how to show love while also supplying discipline

Service Submission

The ultimate pleasure you should receive is from making my life better and more luxurious. Service takes true dedication but the work is so much more rewarding

Dominatrix standing in front of metal cage holding a whip while wearing red lingerie and no shoes

If you think you have what it takes to serve and are interested in submitting to me either in person or virtually, continue on to fill out my booking form. Make sure to read my protocol completely and fill out the booking form with as much detail as possible. Consultations are available upon request and encouraged. If you have any other questions or inquires, feel free to send me an email. I do not respond to messages on my social media.

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