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A Goddess must be worshiped - with words and with actions, but most importantly, through ritualistic gift giving. Treat me as a deity you're eager to please. The more thought and care you put into your relationship with me, the more blessings you shall receive. Show me how much you honor my beauty and grace and learn to satisfy my every desire. You'll soon discover the bliss from doing so.

Man chained up on green couch with long legs across and money sprawling across his lap
Woman in a green outfit and high heels kneeling on chair with a brick wall and plants behind her

The fastest way to fall into a goddess' good graces is by laying offerings at her alter. If you'd like to bring a gift to our session here's some ideas that'll please me...

I always appreciate fresh flowers or a plant to add to my collection, though a money bouquet would make quite the impression. If you're not much of a green thumb, pick up some Italian pastries and a bottle of Moet, Moscato, or a California Pinot Noir. Delicious Bourbons are appreciated too.


I have a passion for film and photography and could always use advancements to my equipment collection. The same goes for my other equipment as well - add to my assortment of toys and latex, maybe you'll be lucky enough to enjoy them too. Or you could get me a vintage magazine or book - topics I love are fashion, art, design, and especially erotica. Clothing and accessories like authentic leather, sports wear (Nike), well made lingerie, jewelry in gold or sterling silver (my birth stone is a diamond), vintage eye wear, heels, and handbags are just a few more things that spark my interest. I also accept gift cards to Sephora, Amazon, Whole Foods, and Uber/Lyft. I always admire creativity so if there's something else you think I'd enjoy, I welcome the surprise.

28B - 25 - 36

5'7'' 115 lbs

Shoe size: US 7 EU 38

Dress size: US 4

Ring size: 5

The act of submission through service is required in order to maintain a long term dynamic. My pleasure and well being must always be put first. If you're intrigued by the idea of consistently covering the tribute for shopping, bills, or outings, I'd love the inquiry. Your duty is not only to make my life easier, but more luxurious in the process. Your purpose is to spoil me like the goddess I am.


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